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Easily Automate Data Reports From Excel Using Python

Deploy any job in minutes.

Teams large and small love WayScript

Spend your time analyzing data,
not generating reports.

1. Choose your Excel workbook

2. Transform the data as you want using Pandas

3. Schedule when and how often you want the script to run

4. Sit back, relax, and watch your reports

Built for developers of all kinds.

Finding Wayscript was one of the greatest discoveries of my professional career and changed the way I build automation forever. 
WayScript has saved me and my team countless hours per week. It has become part of a diverse toolkit we use and adds huge benefits to our business on a daily basis.
[WayScript] is so amazing I am going to cry.
WayScript is a hidden gem and did exactly what I needed.
With Wayscript, I can solve technical problems faster without having to tap into engineering resources. Wayscript opened the door for us in so many ways and to this day is my favorite SaaS tool that exists.
WayScript is awesome for serverless.

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