Work with Word Documents

Read File

Select or Upload a Word File

When the word module is activated, the default setting is to read a file. Reading files imports the full text, a list of all paragraphs, and a list of each word into WayScript as variables.

Variables Created

Once a document is selected, the module will create three variables: Paragraphs, Full Text, and Words in Document. Paragraphs: a list of all the paragraphs in your document. Full Text: all the text in your document. Words in Document: a list of all the words in your document.

Write File

Choose A File To Write Data

Pick a file to write or create a new file.

Adding Text to Document

Append text to the end of your document. Variables can be added to the body of the text. To do this, put the variable name in between square brackets ( [Date] )

Download Your Edited Document

To download your edited document, click on the download button in the log.