Work with Slack

Select a Slack Workspace

Select the Slack Workspace you would like to work with.

Work With Channels

Create a Channel

Define the name for your new channel.
Optionally: Select Make Private Note: Channel names cannot contain spaces, special characters, or upper case characters.

Write to a Channel

Select a Channel to write to. Then write a message to post to the channel. Optionally: You can post the message with an alias by selecting the 'As Bot' option and defining a name for the bot.

Get a List of Channel Members

Select a Channel to read from. Returns a list of the IDs of all the members in the channel

Invite Users to a Channel

Select the Channel you want to invite a user to. Input the User IDs of Slack Team Members you want to invite to your Channel

Get Channel's History of Messages

Select the Channel you want to get message history from. Input the number of you would like to receive. *If left blank, the default will return the last 100 Messages Outputs Two Variables:

  • -Message History: A list of the messages retrieved from your channel.
  • -Messengers: a list of the User IDs of the members that sent the messages.

Work With Users

Get a User's Member ID

Select a Team Member Creates a variables containing the user's Member ID.

Lookup a User by their Email

Enter an email belonging to a team member. Creates two variables: Member ID and Member Name

Send a Direct Message

Select a Team Member to send a direct message to. Enter the message you want to send to the team member