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Qwick is the leading hospitality staffing provider serving thousands of customers with their platform for on-demand hospitality staffing needs. Over the past 3 years, Qwick’s revenue has increased by 10,000%. They have more than doubled their network of hospitality partners and have grown employee count by nearly 70%.

With explosive growth presented a need to formalize the data analytics functions at Qwick. Engineering, finance and revenue teams all rely on customer analytics as well as internal personnel data to make key business decisions.

Zack McCarty, the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis leaned on WayScript to quickly synchronize disparate datasets and automatically update Qwick’s CRM with daily customer financial data. This automation served as a major unlock for Qwick’s go to market team as they served a newly expanded customer base.

Qwick’s team, led by Zack, instantly became power users of WayScript.

“WayScript has allowed me to solve problems that I initially thought were impossible to solve. I love how easy it is to spin up endpoints and host scripts that I normally would have to run on my local machine. I don't have to bother engineering whenever I have a technical issue.”

WayScript’s ability to instantly provision secure developer environments allowed Zack to build and test new automations in a secure format.

“We leveraged WayScript to synchronize our accounting system with our invoicing system to ensure that all invoices match, basically eliminating a manual Accounts Receivables reconciliation process and saving 10 hours of manual AR work per week”

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SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
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