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Ergatta, a leader in the at-home fitness market, saw monumental growth following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Consumers demanded easily accessible equipment as well as variety and motivation to stay in shape as they stayed at home.

Ergatta’s at-home, fold-up rower provided a unique physical experience–differentiated from the saturated markets of bikes and treadmills–but they saw an opportunity to differentiate the experience of rowing as well. Ergatta gamified rowing, and created fun, motivational experiences that added variety to a singular physical experience.

As a result of its new focus on the experience (and not just equipment) and accelerated growth, Ergatta needed to optimize internal workflows for their trainers in order to deliver on their value: novel experiences to keep customers engaged.

Ergatta turned to WayScript to streamline their ability to build and deploy internal tools quicker without sacrificing security and compliance. Using WayScript’s Internal Developer Platform, Ergatta was able to build and deploy a portal for their trainers to submit new workouts without having to create tickets and engage with multiple other teams.

WayScript “saved [Ergatta] a few hours a week, just by automatically integrating our SSO into everything we built.”

By configuring templatized development environments (which automatically connect to external systems like SSO, Git, and observability) Ergatta developers were able to stay in their flow state and get their ideas into production quicker.

What’s next at Ergatta?

Everything from programmatic feature flags to “everything as a [micro] service.” With WayScript, Ergatta will have API endpoints for any service they create, allowing the organization to scale and reuse internal tools across functional teams. This means that mobile developers and data analysts can interact with the same source of truth. And that senior leadership can see actual live data surrounding current engagement, trends, conversion rates, and customer retention.

In the fast-paced and incredibly competitive at-home fitness market, differentiation is increasingly about the experience more than equipment. By leveraging WayScript to get ideas and workouts from concept to customer in record time, Ergatta was able to stay at the forefront of their space.

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