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Boost Deploy Frequency

Ship quality code more often.

Reduce Wait Times

Enable self-service, eliminating ad hoc infra requests.

Cut Down MTTR

Improve incident response, given enhanced visibility.

Mitigate Failure Risk

Gain confidence with each change.

Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics reduced development time of internal business solutions 40% by enabling self-service capabilities.



Qwick supercharged financial reporting and eliminated manual Accounts Receivable tasks with WayScript.



Ergatta eliminated SRE toil and dormant infrastructure with WayScript.


DAM Health

DAM Health leveraged WayScript to bolster internal tooling and automate engineering operations.

DAM Health rescues their team from an engineering complexity crisis.

DAM Health Offices

Trusted from the start.

Built-in SSO & Granular Access Control
Pre-Production Observability
SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
Self-host & run on your own VPC
White Glove Onboarding
Audit Logging & Alerting
Credentials Management
Maintain deployment standards

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